a collection of diverse Colors

  • We have an amazing collection of bags and mirrors in multi colors ana sizes so you could choose what you want

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    After sales

    We ensure supply continuity, providing the spare parts and the quick help after the sale

    Safety and security

    The intelligent advantages and great inventions are the distinctive mark between the certified and imitative products

    Technology and innovation

    The advanced technology side by side with the creativity and experience make every makeup bag as a unique portrait of its kind

    Aroma is one of the largest saudi arabian companies in the gulf area and the middle east

    We always seek to be the best, we are not the only ones but we are distinguished, so our stand is the biggest in the region and the most demand among the artist and the beauty and elegance houses
    We present the light mirror makeup bags which are famous all over the world.
    Our products have been designed to improve the fashion, makeup, and beauty performance for professionals.
    We seek hard to achieve perfection in all details with keeping high levels of quality and mastering, so love and patience are the key of the way in which we are do.

    Features make us the best to you


    The beautiful and attractive design with the thickness and high quality of aluminum gives the product high durability and wonderful shape


    Retractable handle with high durability and strong wheels that gives you easy of moving and transportation.


    We are interested in providing help, maintenance, and spare parts for our customers what make us one of the strongest companies in the middle east as we are agents for the strongest international trademarks


    The bag resists the heat of the outside substances so that it keeps the bag cold and protects your own cosmetics


    Locking system and a key for additional safety make the bag has its own privacy and protect you from hackers temper


    We have all sizes that are suitable for all persons, we have a large collection that enables you to choose what suits you.

    Technical Support Along the week

    One of the most important that distinguishes aroma and make it trust worthy is after sales services
    Technical Support The bags are distinguished with the mirrors and led lighting which does not produce heating or danger to the makeup during lighting it for long time.
    Also characterized by the wide inner space and provided with a key for controlling in the illumination level and two electric outlets for another uses
    The mirrors are visually processing, laser cut, one of the finest mirrors, mirror's details has been studied for producing the image real reflection
    In the current period we have not any other products, for more information you can contact us through sales department on this Num.00966531855802

    We always with you

    The technical support department online along the week, if there are any problem
    Please call us on the follow num. 00966531855802

    The ways of shipping

    The goods will be shipped inside the kingdom through the follow means:
    Semsa delivery company
    Aramex delivery company